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We raise American Aberdeen Cattle

LT Andy

Babydoll Southdown Sheep.

Covid was a problem the spring of 2021
The virus made us need to change things.
We had to down size our already little farm.
We were in the middle of lambing season when Covid hit.
We had some really beautiful lambs,
all available for sale were sold.
We sold our black ram, Jacob
to a family who moved to Rolla, Missouri
from New Jersey.
We also had to send Caedmon's black
ram lamb, Kintore to fill an order.
That left us without a black sire for
November 2021 breeding season.
So. . . We bought a new black RR ram
from Iowa. We bought Drake from Jolyn Meehan.
He was bred by Harland's Top of the Town Downs.

Drake has done his duty, and WAS SOLD.
He has moved to the Greeley Colorado area
along with a really nice ram lamb, LT Legolas.

Caedmon's ram, Hamish was repurchased,
and is back on the farm.
He is our black flock sire for the future.

we will only be selling a couple of ewe lambs in 2023

If you would like to be put on our
buyers list for 2023 Lambs, you can
email us by clicking here:


  *We require a 50% nonrefundable 
deposit to reserve an animal. Until
we have a deposit in hand all animals
are considered still for sale and
available on a first come first serve basis. 

*If for some reason the animal
that a deposit is placed on is unavailable
(due to death or injury for example) 
we will either refund your deposit or
offer another animal if available

*We will only be accepting
checks or Money Orders
for deposits beginning in 2023.

*We will no longer be using
PayPal or any other internet payments.


Check out our brood ewes here:

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American Aberdeens!

we were adding to our registered Aberdeens.
We bought a registered fullblood
American Aberdeen bull,

Rambling Red we called "Red Bull".
He did a great job for us.
But we have since cut down to two cows,
and we will each year sell the heifers,
and cut and eat the bull calves.
Pepper had heifer calf, Sage,

Sage is available for sale.

Before we sold her, our fullblood cow,
Emerald had a nice fullblood bull calf, LT Andy
we will use him for our new herd sire. . .
Unless someone buys him

LT Andy

Our beautiful little cow, Coriander's.
steer calf from 2020
will be put in the freezer in 2022.
Coriander had a nice heifer calf in May 2021
we called Cinnamon. Born a reddish color,
She has since turned to a shiny black.

Cinnamon is available for purchase.

Marjoram, NutMeg and Pepper's 2018 calves
were steered and we have enjoyed amazing,
well marbled, tender meat from them
Dixie and NutMeg had really nice 2019 calves
sired by Ramblin Red.
These calves were also put in the freezer.
With the difficulty finding a butcher,
we had to travel 2 hours both ways to
get our meat processed. We finally had
The 2019 steers processed mid October.

sadly, Covid really hit us hard. We got so weak. It was
difficult to do the chores, and then about the same
time Marylou was in hospital with covid, Terry had
some stress in his back muscles that restricted his
movement for a while.

We made the difficult decision to sell a percentage
of Ramblin Red, and cut our cow herd down to 2 cows.
We decided to sell all but Coriander and Pepper.
February, 2021 Dixie had a nice heifer calf.
NutMeg had a bull calf.
Both calves sold with their cows.
It was a pretty emotionally stressful day when the
trailer came to pick up Dixie and NutMeg and their
calves. But is what had to happen.
We then had an offer on Emerald if we could haul
her to her new home. We agreed. However,
when we hauled Red Bull to his new home in
Tennessee, a drunk driver rear-ended us just a mile
from our destination, totally destroyed the trailer,
knocked it over backwards, tore up the floor, and
disengaged the center gate.
Miraculously, when I got back to where the
trailer was laying on it's side, looked inside,
and Red Bull was standing, looking a bit confused.
The end gate had to be cut off in order to get the
bull out safely when his new caretaker arrived and
backed his trailer up to ours, emergencyworkers
and sherriff personnel all helped to get the bull from
one trailer to the other. Red bull was amazing. He
even started his new job the very next morning.
Pretty good for a bull that was liberally thrown
upside down!
But we are left without a trailer as we wait for
a settlement from the drunk driver's insurance.
Chris had to get his pickup repaired. Terry ended up
with a broken 7th rib from the impact.
I, only got whip lash, corrected by our chiropractor.
Red Bull, was forunately uninjured.

We were supposed to deliver Emerald to her new
home in July, but we were still waiting for a replacement trailer.
The buyer finally came to get her,
leaving us with just the two cows
and their heifer calves, Sage & Cinnamon
and our little bull calf, Andy.
If you are looking for an Aberdeen heifer, email LT Livestock.

Check out our Aberdeen Breed Standards


We have had chickens in the past, but
we have decided it is time to raise
chickens to sell to local hobby farmers,
and have enough laying hens to sell
eggs to pay for their feed.
We are getting 8, possibly 10 breeds.
Click on the link to check out our future plans.
Our chicks are arriving March 4, 2021!

LT Chicken Coop


We have had a Haflinger mare, a few
quarter horses, and ponies throughout the years.
Our Welsh Mountain Pony, Maggie Mae
died shortly after she had her last foal
that we named Dolly. We now have Dottie,
who was sired by our original mini stud,
McGiver, and out of Maggie Mae
She had a little colt Dani Lou named Sparky.
In August of 2020 we sold our shetland
stud, Teddy, and Dolly. We also sold a little stud, and last
year's filly, both out of Dottie.
We sold Jack, our faithful old mini jack.
They all went to our old neighbors in Louisburg,
and we were delighted to see the kids working
with the ponies and Jack, getting them
broke and ready for either selling or keeping
for their family. Our mini donkeys are Jill, and Jane.
We will be keeping Jane, Jill, Dottie and Sparky
he is being kept a stud because
Terry decided to try and get some mini-hennies,
but we do not intend to
raise any more ponies or donkeys.
Throughout the years we have sold
four little jacks and two jennies.

Jane, Jill, and Dottie had 2021 foals
that were quickly sold. .
This brings our equine buisness to an end.

Ranch Aussies My faithful Aussies, Lily, and Cedar.
and now, King who fits nicely into our farm family.

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